Poetry Cat: A Feline Muse

Poetry Cat: A Feline Muse

In the quiet corner of a sunlit room,

Where shadows dance and thoughts consume,

There resides a cat, wise and serene,

A muse for poets, a mystical dream.

With eyes that gleam like ancient stars,

And a purring rhythm that knows no bars,

This poetry cat, with a graceful stride,

Inspires verses, far and wide.

In the still of night or the morning’s grace,

It lends its presence to the writer’s space,

Curling beside the flickering candle’s glow,

In silence, it whispers the tales we sow.

Its fur, a tapestry of ebony and white,

Holds secrets of the moon’s soft light,

A velvet canvas for words to flow,

Ink and quill, emotions aglow.

As thoughts take flight on whispered paws,

The poetry cat observes and draws,

From the realms of dreams and the heart’s deep well,

Verses of wonder, stories to tell.

With a cat’s mysterious, timeless air,

It weaves through stanzas, with a gentle flair,

Each meow and stretch, a poet’s clue,

To capture the essence, the elusive view.

So here’s to the poetry cat, so sly,

A muse that never says goodbye,

In the world of words, it finds its place,

A feline friend, a timeless grace.

Yen Doan

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